The best of the Old-Montreal

Very different of other hotels in Old-Montreal, the Hotel Pierre du Calvet has a gorgeous 18th Century design. It was built in 1725, but retains a family mansion with antique furnishings and European character. The suits, for example, are luxurious with stone walls, heavy beams and elegant wood panels. So, thanks to its antique furnishings and family memories, adventurers feel as special guests received with every respect. Whether it is for a gastronomic stay, a romantic getaway, a business meeting, a wedding or a reception, discover our warm family home that bears a resemblance to some Bed & Breakfasts where comfort, calm and refinement reflect our friendly hospitality. All the more the Hotel Pierre du Calvet has an amazing restaurant, Les Filles du Roy, in which the food is mouth-watering. Thus, your palate will be astonished by the variety of savours. The Hotel Pierre du Calvet and restaurant  »Les Filles du Roy » are therefore the perfect places to stay and dine in a more casual atmosphere, have a quick light meal or midday snack.

The Hotel Pierre du Calvet is also close to the city were you can embark on cultural adventures such as Montreal Fine Art Museum, Le Château Dufresne and Le Biôdome de Montréal. Not to mention that these cultural activities in Old-Montreal are accessible by foot, bike or metro and the Hotel Pierre du Calvet has a free parking area.


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Hôtel Pierre du Calvet
405 Rue Bonsecours
Vieux-Montréal, Québec
sTel: 514 282-1725 / 1-866 544-1725

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